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Using Website Search
Often people viewing your web site would like to search through the pages for a particular set of key words. The Web Site Search enables you to easily add this function to your web site.

The web site search makes use of a form submission, to execute the search. In order to make use of the search facility, a few lines of special HTML code must be included in your web page. This page will automatically generate the code you need to enter into your web page to include the search facility. Simply fill in the form below and click GO!. The page presented will provide you with the HTML code for your page. Simply copy the code into your web page using any text editor and re-post your page.

FTP Login: Enter your FTP Login. (ex. my_name@aloak.com)


If you have one or more folders within your EcomHost web site, you can tell the search utility to look within them as well. List each folder you would like included in the search separated by a comma (no space). Leave it blank and the search will only look at the files in the top folder. (ex. FolderA,FolderB)
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